SkinLightening_KitSkin Lightening Kit 4% HQ (Hydroquinone)

The ReBrightalyze Enhancement Therapy Kit combines the botanical skin tone evening ingredients of Kojic Acid, Arbutin and Bearberry along with skin protective antioxidants to soothe the skin and help with redness.



EyeLighteningIntensive Eye Lightening Serum

The eyes often show the first signs of aging. What are your eyes saying about you? Replenix® Intensive Eye Lightening Serum is an innovative blend of peptides, chelators, antioxidants and moisturizers that stimulates the entire eye area. Intensive Eye Lightening Serum has been shown to reduce the appearance of under-eye circles, puffiness and lines and wrinkles; increase firmness and elasticity; and enhance the skin texture and smoothness. This results in a softer, smoother eye area – and a younger looking you!