The Laser & Aesthetic Services Center offers
a range of products designed to treat a number of skin concerns:

Green Tea Antioxidant Therapy Line

Advanced Antioxidant Polyphenol Serum & Cream
Combines 90% green tea polyphenols with caffeine and reservatrol to achieve high antioxidant treatment of redness and inflammation. This dramatically reduces fine line and wrinkles and works great for sensitive and rosacea skin types.

Retinol Plus Age Defying Serum 2x,3x,5x
Retinol is proven to reduce fine lines and firm and increase tone and texture of skin. Unlike prescriptions, this serum has green tea and moisturizers added to reduce the redness and dryness typically associated with retinol use.

Calming Antioxidant Moisturizing Lotion
This daily-use body lotion delivers a blend of nourishing protective antioxidants along with emollients to smooth and soften dry, irritated skin.

Alpha Hydroxy & Hyaluronic Moisturizers for Face & Hands

Sheer Facial Moisturizer
Excellent for more oily/combination skin types and those with acne who need a light but effective moisturizer and vitamin treatment.

Smoothing Facial Moisturizer
Contains vitamins A,C,E Co-Q10,and green tea with aloe to daily treat normal to dry skin types.

Intensive Hand Cream
Excellent for dry chapped hands and feet and those with eczema.

Alpha Hydroxy Facial Cream 10% & 20%
These hydrating creams include ultra pure glycolic acid and antioxidants for daily use.

Alpha Hydroxy Pads
These medicated pads remove excess oil, exfoliate as well as hydrate skin with antioxidants.

Eye Repair Hydrating Serum
Super smooth and hydrating serum for delicate eye areas that targets fine lines and dryness.

Superhydrating Face Cream
A moisture-boosting night cream with peptides, antioxidants and ceramides for healing dry skin.

Ultrapure Hydrating Serum
This serum has the strength of pure hyaluronic acid with antioxidants, working all day for moisture retention and firmer skin.

Vitamin C Antioxidants & Skin Brighteners

Supercharged Vit C Serum 10% & 15%
Vitamin C with stem cells and peptides will improve skin texture and tone with ultra pure Vitamin C.

Skin Tone Therapy Pads
This kit is mixed at our office upon purchase, and includes green tea and kojic acid, arbutin and bearberry with hydroquinone. Used daily will decrease brown pigmentation and brighten skin.

Acne Clarifying Products

Clear Zone Cleansers & Pads
Recommended to clean oily skin and promote exfoliation. They reduce acne and blocked pores. Benzoyl Peroxide cleanser and Spot Gel work by eliminating bacteria on the skin and deep Into the pores. This cleanser also contains aloe to calm irritated skin. 

Sun Care

Sheer Physical Sunscreen
Provides protection SPF 50+ from UVA and UVB and is gentle on sensitive and acne prone skin.

Ultra Sheer Daily Sunscreen SPF 50+
Enhanced with antioxidants and is weightless on skin and perfect under makeup.


Pure & Gentle Cleanser
Soap-free, and contains vitamins to treat your skin without dryness.

Antioxidant Calming Cleanser
Soap-free with added green and white tea especially for irritated skin, rosacea, and aged skin.

Smooth & Soft Skin Scrub
An exfoliant containing green/white teas and opens pores with gentle heat.

Prescription Creams

Anti-Inflammatory Cream
Great for any skin irritations including rashes, insect bites, poison, or sunburn. Contains aloe and hydrocortisone.

Tight & Smooth Neck Cream
Supports collagen and Elastin production and smooths and tightens neck and décolleté.